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this is the page where I'll put things like my bio, pics, rants, favorite links, favorite stuff, or just whatever... Most of it will be on this page, but there may be some links to other pages at asherzone.com, or even some off-site links.

  OK, I know the navigation image is lame, but I'm not very creative...but at least I have a navigation bar. :P
  I suppose someday I'll get more creative, or get a tool to make a really swell navigation, but there's nothing like a plain HTML image map with some basic image swapping javascript events.

  I'm not really into blogging, so this text will probably stay up here forever. I'll eventually make a NEW section where I can put recent stuff. If you are wondering what a blog is, check out Whatis.com. I do enough blog-like stuff at our asherzone news site. OK, enough about blogs...

  I only have [some of] the software links up right now, so you can check them out.

What I'm...

...doing around the house:
Continuing the "cable project" that never ends. I've installed a total of over 3000 feet of Cat-6, Coax, Cat-5, and 16-gauge speaker wire through walls, floors, ceiling, and attic space.

...using for software:
Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP, Avast!, Spy Bot, DVD Stuff, Yahoo! Messenger, Ethereal, Winamp, AMC, RealVNC