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this is the page where I'll write about some of the computer software I'm using. People sometimes ask me what I use for this or that, so now I'll just send them here. I'll try to keep any download links up-to-date and working, but I may slip. Again, a pretty basic page, but I'm all about simplicity.

All of this software works on Windows, as I have not completely converted to Linux or purchased a Mac.

Open Office:

Open Office is provided by openoffice.org. Great open source office productivity software. Some of the greatest features include compatibility with MS office files and native PDF export support. Oh, and it's free.
[download site]


Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser is a great alternative to MS Internet Explorer. All the typical plug-ins, Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Quicktime, etc. are supported, and it can easily import all you IE settings like bookmarks. You can install all these cool add-ons like weather & stock tickers, quick proxy selectors, tab managers, and tons more... Oh, and it's free.
[download site]


Mozilla's Thunderbird email client is a great alternative to MS Outlook Express. Supports various POP, IMAP, SMTP server configurations, and can do secure authentication found on almost any mail server. Like Firefox, it has a bunch of cool add-ons, and it has a really good native address book. Also lots of features if you're into Oh, and it's free.
[download site]

The rest will come later... I'm tired of typing today.